12V Mini Wifi Rechargeable UPS

12V Mini Wifi Rechargeable UPS


Mini 12V Wifi UPS with 2 outlets, built in rechargeable battery.

This product is intended to provide backup power for your 12V Wifi Router for several hours during load-shedding. Comes shipped with a 5mm plug. 3mm also available on request.

You must check your device is a 12V device and you must check your plug size.
The objective of this device is to ensure your 12V device has power for the duration of the battery charge.

See technical & other info further below.



Mini Wifi UPS 12v

  • Supports 12 Volt Units x 2 Outlets
  • Comes with a 7,2Ah 12V rechargeable battery
  • Life expectancy of the battery is approximately 2 years.
  • Has been tested to last up to 15 hours on battery with 1 device. Regular expectation from 6 hours.

This device is a compact (20cm x 20cm x 7cm) and affordable backup UPS solution designed to keep your WiFi router / Internet Router device power on for an extended time period and to keep you online during load shedding.

This device is equipped with a mains plug to be permanently plugged into a wall socket and into up to 2 of your devices.  During a power outage / load shedding, the UPS automatically switched from your mains power to the UPS battery power, thus providing you with an uninterrupted internet connection.

When the power switches back on the device will automatically switch from battery mode to wall power mode – charging your I-On and powering your router/wi-fi and fibre box.


  • Note: This unit is built for 12V devices, (not 5v or 9v).
  • It is supplied with a 5mm 12V power plug. (3mm available on request at an additional cost)
  • You will need to check your device to see if it is 12V or not.
  • You will need to check what plug your device has as it will need to fit for the correct size.

Please read this article here to find out what device you have and to find out what size plug you have as the unit you order will need to be the correctly orders plug dimension.

We cannot guarantee your Wifi / Internet device will have reception as this is subject to your location, service providers, towers, and other factors. This device offers alternative backup power.


Width: 190mm
Lenth:  185mm
Height: 65mm


  • 2 X 1m leads 12v (1×2,2mm connector; 1×2,2/1,3mm connector)

  • Input and output fused

  • Short circuit protected

  • Overload protected (re-settable fuse)

  • Reverse polarity protected

  • Low voltage battery protection (The battery will cut out when voltage falls below 10V)

  • Input mains filtration surge and lightning protected.

Collection from Hout Bay. Delivery can be arranged at an additional charge subject to location/courier fee from an additional R150.




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